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Today When it comes to pizza, possibly the most popular mainstream option is Pizza Hut. For years they have been a top competitor in the industry, and for good reason. I’m of course referring to their iconic “Stuffed Crust” pizza, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. Recently the menu has been refreshed with a host of new options, and they keep on coming out with one unique idea after another.

Hungry for pizza, aren’t you? Of course, you may be wondering if Pizza Hut takes Paypal. Obviously using this method is easier and more secure than cash or a credit card. If you have no other option, then you have to find a way to use this method of payment, because let’s face it, when you want pizza, nothing else will suffice.

Use Paypal for Food Delivery

That’s right; the ultimate payment method is now compatible with Pizza Hut thanks to our unique and innovative service. While you can’t order from here using PayPal on the website, we are here to give you a streamlined method of making it work. It’s only three simple steps:

Step One: Utilize our service by indicating the amount you need.

Step Two: Make your purchase with Paypal and receive a digital gift card within 30 minutes.

Step Three: Use the gift card to pay online for your pizza delivery!

That’s all there is to it. Once you receive your gift card, nothing is stopping you from receiving unique and irresistible pizza right to your doorstep.

Essentially, this process is taking your PayPal credit and converting it into a gift card, thereby creating a simple and easy process that turns your PayPal funds into currency you can use at Pizza Hut!

Of course, now that you’ve been empowered to order pizza with PayPal, you need to know what your options are.

Why Should I Order Food Using PayPal?

As one of the largest online payment services in the world, most people are aware that PayPal exists. The company earned its place on the map after an extended partnership with Ebay, and has since branched off into their own entity.

There are numerous advantages to using PayPal online. Ordering food with it is not only convenient, it’s also safer. Consider these breaches of online security in recent years:

  • Domino’s Pizza: 650,000 records were hacked
  • Target: 40 million credit card numbers
  • Nieman Marcus: 350,000 cardholders were affected
  • Staples: 1.16 million records hacked

These statistics show that your credit card is vulnerable online. The reason why PayPal is so popular is because the service keeps your information safe behind its own security and pays on your behalf.

So, while the money may come from the same place, it goes through PayPal first so if any information does leak, your credit card isn’t part of the stolen data.

That peace of mind is something you would expect to pay for, but that’s the beauty of it. PayPal is completely free to use and only incorporates fees in certain types of transactions. Simply using it to order pizza doesn’t cost you anything and gives you peace of mind in return!

Restaurants That Take Paypal: What’s On the Menu?

Just recently, Pizza Hut redesigned the menu to include a variety of new options. With a brand new website, an incredible lineup of choices, and some innovative creations, you will need a guide to understand it all. Lucky for you, I’m here to showcase some of the best available choices on the menu at Pizza Hut:

● Pizza ● Pasta ● Wings ● Breadsticks ● Dessert

What makes this menu so unique is the ability to customize your pizza in a variety of ways. When you begin to customize your dish, you have a blank slate to work with. You can choose from several different types of crust, including the signature stuffed crust. This crust can be pumped full of cheese or in a move that is just awesome; you can also opt to have bacon interlaced into there as well.

Multiple sauce choices and a vast array of meats and vegetables are all available to you. Two new features include a sauce drizzle and a flavored crust. These choices are even more unique with options like honey sriracha, and balsamic flavoring.

To showcase the innovation that the company has, let’s look at an example of a new type of pizza recently introduced: The Hot Dog Bites pizza. This incredible mashup has a crust that is composed of small bite-sized hot dogs wrapped in the dough of the crust. You can eat them before, or after your eat the pizza.

With an include side of mustard dipping sauce, it’s a match that is too interesting not to try. Or better yet, why not cover your bases by ordering a pizza that includes an appetizer? Known as the garlic knot pizza, this culinary miracle has cheese-filled garlic knots on the crust of a one-topping pizza.

Pull off a few knots, then enjoy your slice of pizza. I’ve tried it myself, and let me tell you, it’s a divine combination. So, why not try it out? Order Pizza Hut with Paypal today, or try other delicious pizza from stores like Dominos and Papa Johns.

It’s Dinner Time!

This simple and easy process saves you time and gives you the peace of mind knowing that the entire process is handled by PayPal. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service as well, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions.

If you have tried our unique service, we encourage you to leave a review below letting us know how we did! Enjoy your pizza!